Your clutter need a new home...

Feel the satisfaction of blessing others with things you no longer use!

Selling used apparels and accessories and household goods is the way we do Ministry, through offering a caring hand to the most vulnerable residents of our communities; and all of our stock comes from donations from people like you, who care and desire to extend a hand for the betermen of our city, as, improving the life of others turn into many rewards, let alone the satisfaction of a kind gesture.

All of the procedds form the sale of your items go to a diversity of social and community outreach, from ours, and other Ministries.

Be a part of this great effort, and search your home for things which are no longer in use, but whcih still have life. we can turn those things into treasures for other homes, and through them, you are giving to good causes.

Thanks for loving your community, and for partnering with us. May God bless you richly.

Donation Concept. Woman Preparing her Used Old Clothes into a Donate Box

A perfect time of a clean up ..


This seems the perfect time of the year, when we usually put some thoughts often go to volunteering or donating to so many of the amazing causes in our beautiful town of Milton. While any time of the year is good to clean up our closets, this time seems to have a special flavor to it.

You may have some free time to go through closets and clothes drawers. It’s a great time to provide someone with much-needed warmth for the coming winter. Maybe you can spare a coat or two, sweatshirts, or an extra pair of your child’s warm pajamas. Look through your linen closet for spare blankets. You may also have some things which have ended up in your garage or in the back of your kitchen cabinets or closets, and they are just there occupying much needed extra space.

Perhaps your children have “outgrown” some toys that have been replaced with new holiday gifts. And for you grown-up kids, same holds true of tools, household goods, and all the books that have been replaced by your e-reader.

Many of us will have a garage full of items to clean out. You may want to consider donating rather than having a yard sale! So many people can be blessed by your generosity.

Reach out with your donations today ..

you can drop them off at our attached address, or call us, or Email us, to arrange a convenient pick up

Please call us any time at 416-203-3646, Email donations@thecornerthrift.ca